Quality and Care




The quality of our products has always been our main focus. In order to meet our high quality standards, we work with the best manufacturers worldwide. We’re very involved when it comes to our production process, thus regular check-ups in our production facilities are a must. We use 925 Sterling Silver and a multiple 18k gold plating. For the majority of our products, we work with recycled materials. Moreover, we only use hypoallergenic materials, no Nickel is used during our product - therefore there are no color irritations. Other materials that we use are precious stones such as nacre, onyx, labradorites and zirconias. If an alloying is used, it is always a high-quality solid gold alloy with the best possible coating. Due to the individual manufacturing of our products, small differences and irregularities during the production process are possible and are part of the individuality of our work. Our Jewelry is lovingly refined by handcraft.


To increase the lifetime of your jewelry, it is important to consider our care instructions. Each of our jewelry pieces is sealed with a tarnish protection. However, if your piece is stored incorrectly or if it is exposed to air for too long, it might oxidize. Storage solutions that might cause oxidation are: metallic jewelry boxes and Organza bags. Marks of oxidation and other residues can easily be removed with the use of a jewelry cleaning cloth. We recommend taking off our jewelry before washing hands, doing sports or going to bed. Moreover, the contact with chemicals, perfumes, salt water, soap or other irritating substances might cause early wear marks.


We recommend storing your jewelry away from direct sunlight and heat. Ideally, you should store your jewelry in a box or a closed container not made from metallic components. You can also keep your jewelry in a plastic bag made from polyethylene. Bags made out of sulphurous polyvinyl should be avoided, since Sulphur can corrode Sterling Silver and lead to a black discoloration of your jewelry. Similarly, your jewelry shouldn’t be stored in damp places such as your kitchen or bathroom.


Cleaning our jewelry is super easy. With simple household remedies you can make your jewelry shine in all its glory again. We recommend mixing a small amount of a natural, mild soap with lukewarm water and using a soft (tooth)brush to remove small impurities. An even more uncomplicated way to clean your jewelry is to: let your pieces soak in lukewarm water for 30 minutes and polish your items with a soft tissue afterwards. Please be aware that for our solid gold pieces, hard brushing might cause your plating to fade. Therefore, it is important that you clean your jewelry very gently. Additionally, you might use a silver polishing tissue to make your silver jewelry shine bright again. Videos of how founder Luisa cleans her jewelry, can be found on Instagram.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email to customercare@ohhluilu.com.